Cut to Length and Corrective Leveling

Here at BRIGHTSMITH, coils are ran through our corrective leveling machine to keep the surface flat and ripple free. The machine will bend the metal back and forth through a series of small, offset rollers. Our four high leveling machine is eight over seven workrolls, with seven backup rolls. This will not only flatten the metal but also eliminate the hidden stress in the metal that could cause twisting and bowing later in the manufacturing process. All metal coils lay differently; running them through our leveling machine early in production stages neutralizes the defects.

Without leveling, metal that still retained internal strains can damage a coating die and the part quality. This can cause uneven strips which in turn could deadlock further processes. Material that hasn’t been properly leveled may damage other equipment, resulting in high repair costs.

BRIGHTSMITH Leveling Machine used in beginning stages of coil coating process.

Cross-sectional Stress

Internal stress with strips of metal is caused by trapped tensions that aim in all directions at one time. When the leveling process is performed correctly, the internal stresses are aligned in a similar direction and stop interfering with one another. When not done, unwanted twisting and bowing are created. Although these side effects may not be noticed initially, they will become apparent when smaller pieces are separated from the master coil.

At BRIGHTSMITH, we want our coils to be as easy to work with as possible. Making sure that our metal coils are flat and straight improves usability and will create a better product. If you have any questions regarding how leveling is done or any of our other process, feel free to Contact Us

Individual roller pull the metal oil through while flattening out any imperfections.