At BRIGHTSMITH Coaters we provide maximum value with minimum limitations. Our post-painting and powder coating services are ideal for projects of any size, in quantities large or small. We deliver the best application for the job and create a long-lasting finished product that you can be proud of. Our Trenton, NJ building houses our post-painting and powder coating services and is ISO 9001:2015 certified to give our customers the highest quality product.

What is Post-Painting

Post-painting of metal is when extruded products or products that have been fabricated from unfinished sheet stock are sent to the spray applicator to be finished. The post-painting process consists of three main areas.



This is the beginning stages of post-painting and it starts with surface preparation and cleaning. This stage is critical to insure that a high performance paint finish will be obtained after the powder coating has been done. There are numerous pretreatment applications available and the performance of each varies depending upon many different factors. Visit our pretreatments page to learn more about the processes BRIGHTSMITH takes to prep metals for painting.

Paint Application

BRIGHTSMITH offers excellent environmentally friendly powder coating services for a multitude of applications. Some of these applications consist of roof copings, railings, store fronts, doors, panels, wheels, assorted brake shapes and architectural extrusions. BRIGHTSMITH also offers PVDF Coatings, Baked Enamels, Air Dry Systems, and Military Specs. Our team of industry experts will match your existing product’s color or use a custom color of your choosing.


After the paint process is over, products will have to go through a curing stage for the best finish. Items typically bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for set times.


powder coating post-painting
powder coating post-painting

Capacity Size at BRIGHTSMITH Coaters

For In-line powder coating: 13′ Length x 5′ Height
For batch oven/wet coating applications: 16′ Length x 8′ Height x 8′ Width

Check out our coatings page and see standard colors we offer. Custom colors are also available!