Employment Opportunities at BRIGHTSMITH

When inquiring about employment/career opportunities at BRIGHTSMITH please:

  • Apply by: Fax: 610-395-9372 or jobs@brightsmithcoaters.com
  • Notate in Subject box of e-mail – Job Name

Positions currently available (scroll down for all openings) :

Morrisville, PA | Millwright / Electrician


Assist in all functions of the maintenance departments of the facility to include continuous improvement in planning, building construction, equipment modification, spare parts, preventative and predictive maintenance, providing facilities services of the manufacturing, research, and office environments within acceptable budget and financial parameters.


  1.  Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers
  2. High Temperature Hot Water Heating
  3. Motor Control Centers 3 Phase Starters
  4. North American Edge Guide Controls
  5. D.C. Motors and Gear Boxes
  6. Protection Controls for Oven Burners
  7. Eclipse and Maxon High Heat GAs Burners
  8. Honeywell Temperature Controls for Gas Burners
  9. Waste WAter Treatment PH and ORP Controls
  10. GE Controls 90-30 PLC’s
  11. GE D.C. 300 Electrical Motor Drives
  12. GE D.C. 2000 Electrical Drives
  13. Intrinsically Safe Electrical Wiring
  14. Overhead Crane Knowledge for Electrical Drives
  15. Related Hydraulic Controls including Vickers, Solenoids, and Valves


  • Services and maintains repair of electrical equipment, tools and equipment, hand tools, drill presses, power saws, chain saws, burning equipment, drills and grinders, and safety devices and miscellaneous testing equipment.
  • Involved in installation of air, water and gas lines.  Repairs and maintains plumbing.
  • Able to repair AC and DC equipment including motors, generators, control panel systems, switches, lighting circuits and circuit breakers.  Inspects and records condition of electrical equipment throughout the plant.
  • Assists in the implementation of safety activities and in developing safety standards.
  • Ability to test, read blueprints, wire, install new equipment, modify existing equipment or troubleshoot mechanical or electrical problems.
  • Plans and determines working procedures in tools and materials requirements.
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area and work site.
  • May operate forklift and use jib crane to lift rolls.
  • May serve as roll grinder and perform various other duties as necessary.
  • Complies with and supports the BRIGHTSMITH LLC ISO 9001 reporting requirements.
  • Measure, track, and report the effectiveness of the equipment maintenance.
  • Establish procedures and work standards to maximize operating efficiency.
  • Responsible for proper record keeping of all breakdowns, preventive maintenance, and building problems.
  • Work closely with vendors and suppliers to facilitate repairs and maintenance of building and equipmen


  • Review new equipment plans.
  • Notify purchasing department of needed parts, supplies and maintenance for facility.
  • Interact with vendors, customers, and visitors as needed.
  • Perform other projects and duties as assigned.


  • Formal electrical training required.
  • Five to seven years of maintenance and electrical experience.
  • Must possess good oral and written communication skills.
  • Proven leadership and team building skills.
  • Must possess a strong mechanical and electrical aptitude.
  • Good PC skills
  • Working knowledge of OSHA, EPA, NEC

Trenton, NJ | Painter Helper

POSITION PURPOSE: Support the painting process to complete jobs in an effective and timely manner according to the job requirements.


  • Use of a spray gun, preparing surfaces for painting, leveling surfaces, mixing paint, and cleaning the site after the job is completed.
  • Includes working on an industrial sized Post-Paint Line.
  • Must carefully follow all guidelines for the safe handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste.
  • Load, unload, move, stack, and stage product and materials using a forklift.
  • Responsible for inspecting, labeling, and final packaging of coated product.
  • Perform other projects and duties as assigned.


  • Painting experience
  • Physical strength
  • Attention to safety
  • Stamina
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Forklift experience required.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: High school or general education diploma.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Ability to read and write in English.


Working Condition

  • Frequent standing, walking, bending, reaching and climbing
  • Physical effort (up to 750 pounds)

Physical Demands

  • Standing: remaining on one’s feet in an upright position
  • Walking:  moving about on foot
  • Sitting:  remaining in the normal seated position
  • Lifting: raising or lowering an object from one level to another
  • Carrying: transporting an object, usually by hand, arm, or shoulder
  • Pushing: exerting force upon an object so that the object is away
  • Pulling: exerting force on an object so that it is moving to the person
  • Climbing: ascending or descending objects usually with hands/feet
  • Balancing: maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling over
  • Stooping: bending the body by bending spine at the waist
  • Kneeling: bending legs to come to rest on one or both knees
  • Crouching: bending body downward and forward by bending legs
  • Reaching: extending the hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction
  • Handling:  seizing, holding, grasping, or otherwise working with hand(s)
  • Fingering: picking, pinching, or otherwise working with hands
  • Feeling: perceiving attributes of objects by means of skin receptors
  • Talking:  expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words
  • Hearing: perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear
  • Repetitive motions: making frequent movements with a part of the body
  • Eye/hand/foot coordination: performing work through using two or more

Vision Requirements:

  • Far Acuity: ability to see clearly at 20 feet or more
  • Near Acuity: ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less
  • Depth Perception:  ability to judge distance and space relationships
  • Accommodation: ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus

 Environmental Conditions

  • Heat: temperature enough to cause marked bodily discomfort
  • Hazards: conditions where there is danger to life, body and/or health
  • Atmospheric conditions: conditions that affect the skin or respiratory system

Protective Equipment

  • Steel Tip Shoes (required)
  • High Visibility Attire
  • Safety Glasses (as necessary)
  • Other equipment (as necessary)